New Patient Experience

New Patient Appointments

All new adult patients will receive a very thorough examination with Dr. Lockwood. This starts with a beginning conversation where your medical and dental histories are discussed, and your hopes and expectations are clarified. Then, a comprehensive examination occurs, with your help and participation. Together we gather information about your smile, teeth, gums, jaw muscles, jaw joints, bite, existing dentistry, etc., paying particular attention to any questions or concerns you have. Often, digital photographs, x-rays, and plaster replicas of your teeth are obtained for further analysis. The plaster replicas of your teeth are put on a special machine that recreates your bite and how your jaws work together.

Before advising you of treatment options, Dr. Lockwood will take the time to study your situation during a period of planning. Dr. Lockwood will create a plan of treatment that addresses your concerns and any other health problems discovered during your examination.

After this, Dr. Lockwood will see you at a subsequent appointment for a follow-up conversation. The purpose of this visit is to discuss Dr. Lockwood’s findings and recommendations and how to best proceed with treatment.

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