Comprehensive Care

A Team Approach
The best care is rendered when treatment teams work well together. Besides being your restorative dentist, Dr. Lockwood’s additional responsibility is to be your primary planner of treatment. When appropriate, the services of specialists and laboratory technicians are utilized to help you. Dr. Lockwood works extensively with select specialists and laboratory technicians to bring you the best possible care.

A Phased Approach
Typically, comprehensive care is performed in two phases. The first phase of care is where emergencies, infections, gum disease, cavities, broken teeth, misaligned teeth, and bite problems are treated. Also, this is when the services of specialists can be important. We call this first phase setting the stage for success. The second phase of care is where broader dental needs are addressed, such as replacing missing teeth, or improving the appearance of a smile. The benefit of this two-phased approach is that once phase-one dentistry is complete, the mouth is much healthier and ready for optimal phase-two services. Also, after phase-one dentistry is complete, phase-two dentistry can be performed over a time period that works with your budget, because the foundation of your teeth is stable.

Begin With The End In Mind
Successful treatment outcomes require taking the time to work together to establish treatment goals and a plan to achieve them. Building a smile is like building a new home. We establish goals and create blueprints. Dental blueprints are 3-D models of what your smile will look like when everything is done. To achieve this precision we work closely with highly skilled dental technicians who are very experienced with this level of engineering and artistry.

You Are An Individual
Comprehensive care incorporates teamwork, sometimes with specialists and dental technicians, and always with your input. We create an individualized lifetime treatment plan based on a comprehensive examination and an understanding of your unique circumstances and desires. Cosmetic results are designed to show natural beauty and harmony with your facial features.


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